Fans Are In Love With The Real Reason Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is At JYP Entertainment

“What a legend.”

Fans know that if Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan hadn’t followed his passion for music and become an idol, chances are he would have become an actor or pursued his interest in sports and become a professional athlete. While fans know he’s always loved music, it turns out his pursuit of the industry was all rather by chance.


Although he spent 7 years working hard to debut, fans have always wondered what made him so dedicated to his dream as an idol. They’ve always wanted to know more about it and during one fanmeeting he revealed just how he came to be a trainee  at JYP Entertainment.


Everyone knows that he passed the open auditions for JYP Entertainment while in Australia but it turns out it wasn’t as simple as that. When he was still in junior high, his mom suddenly came to pick him up one day and asked if he wanted to try out at the company’s open audition.

“I went to an art school in Australia. I was in seventh grade and I usually took the train home from school but all of a sudden my mom had come to pick me up so I was wondering, ‘What’s wrong?’ When I asked my mom, she said that ‘People from JYP came to Australia do you want to go try out?'”

— Bang Chan


His answer was a very simple “Oh, okay” so he went to the audition and gave it a shot.

So I said, ‘Oh, okay’ and then went to it. I went to the audition and they really like me so I went ‘Oh, okay.'”

— Bang Chan


After impressing the recruiters, they wanted to see him one more time and ended up coming to his home where he played piano and guitar for them.

“But they wanted to see me again so they came to my house and I auditioned again while playing the piano and guitar. And so they told me that they thought I would be a good singer so they asked me if I wanted to come.”

— Bang Chan


And when they were thoroughly in love with his talent, they asked him is he’d like to start training and, of course, his answer was “Oh, okay!”

“So I went ‘Oh, okay’ and in the end, I was able to come.”

— Bang Chan


Fans have been absolutely in love with the story of how Bang Chan came to be a part of JYP Entertainment since they first heard it.


But despite his completely nonchalant attitude about becoming an idol, fans know that he’s extremely hardworking and dedicated. They couldn’t be more proud of their nonchalant leader!

Source: @stray9kids