Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Lines In Their Songs, Here’s Why

“Chan, you barely get any parts.”

If you listen to a few of Stray Kids‘ songs, you may notice that leader Bang Chan doesn’t always have a lot of parts or long lines to himself. There’s a reason why.

Bang Chan

During an episode of Chan’s Room, Bang Chan set the record straight about it.

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A fan commented, “Chan, you barely get any parts.” It wasn’t the first time Bang Chan had heard the comment.

He revealed that it was done intentionally. Bang Chan said, “I told you before, but I don’t like having too many parts.

Bang Chan felt the same when a fan asked why he didn’t “have a long part.” He reassured STAYs that he felt most comfortable this way.

I like it better that way, sorry. You don’t have to worry about me. It’s okay.

— Bang Chan

Since Bang Chan is the mastermind behind the group’s song and lyrics—along with the other 3RACHA members Han and Changbin—he’s just fine letting the other members shine a bit more.

Source: Naver Live

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