Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has A New Nickname And It’s So Funny Because It Fits

Hint: it’s something you would call chicken.

On an episode of Finding Stray Kids, Stray Kids were reading each other’s applications. Of course, leader Bang Chan was the first to be targeted.

Lee Know immediately commented on Bang Chan’s application photo, saying that it had been photoshopped and wasn’t appropriate for their school setting.

Then, Lee Know was quick to say that the name Bang Chan had listed on his application was too long: “Bang Christopher Chan.”

That’s when Changbin delivered the final blow, deciding to give Bang Chan a new nickname. He said, “I’ll just call you Crispy.”

Bang Chan’s new nickname was a hit, and Felix laughed so hard he couldn’t stay in his seat. His curly hair even made the name all the more funnier.

Watch the video starting at 3:20 to see Crispy and the rest of Stray Kids react to his new nickname.

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