Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Ran So Fast That NCT’s Doyoung Was Shook

In that moment, he became a STAY.

Stray Kids and NCT 127 were only two of the groups who filmed for Idol Star Athletics Championship, but a moment between them couldn’t be missed.

Bang Chan had been participating in the one of the races and gave it his all to sprint to the finish line.

And, he’d run so fast that Doyoung stood up to watch him from start to finish with a fist held in front of his mouth to hide his astonishment.

Afterward, he had a big open-mouthed smile on his face as he looked around, still amazed.

When he went to hold his mini fan, all Doyoung could say was, “Wow,” and clapped.

Doyoung is the king of reactions, and he lives up to the title. Watch him become Bang Chan’s newest fan.