Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Had The Most Relatable Reaction After Seeing The Ages Of Newly Debuted Idols

Do you think idols are debuting too young?

With an influx of new K-Pop groups making their debuts, there have been many discussions after netizens pointed out that the age idols are debuting seems to be getting younger and younger. For example, P Nation trainee Koki is only 12 years old, and IVE‘s maknae Lee Seo was born in 2007.

IVE member Lee Seo | @IVE_twt/ Twitter

However, it seems as if it isn’t just netizens who can’t get over how young these idols are! Recently, Stray Kids Bang Chan went live with fans in his regular segment Chan’s Room and chatted about everything from Spiderman, his friends in ATEEZ, and more.

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In particular, he spoke about some of the newest K-Pop groups, and he started by looking at his fellow JYP Entertainment group Xdinary Heroes. The band has made waves in the industry with their debut song, “Happy Death Day.”

Yet, as much as Bang Chan had praise for the groups and wanted to get closer to the members, something shocked him… and it was the year of birth of guitarist Gaon. Bang Chan couldn’t hide his shock when looking at his profile after seeing that he was born in 2002.

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Like many K-Pop fans, Bang Chan seemed to have some sort of crisis after hearing this news and couldn’t believe that someone who had debuted was five years younger than him.

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However, it wasn’t the first time during that stream where STAYs saw Bang Chan stressing over the age of a newly debuted idol.

Another group that has quickly shot to fame since debuting is IVE! Bang Chan pointed out that he was going to listen to their track “ELEVEN” but seemed even more shocked when a viewer told them that the group’s maknae Lee Seo was born in 2007.

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Bang Chan then thought about it more in the context of his own life and couldn’t believe that when Lee Seo was born, he was already ten years old.

As much as he tried to joke that age was only a number because Lee Seo was amazing on stage, it was clear that the idea that Bang Chan was deemed “old” was stressful!

Ten-year difference… She’s so young, but she takes over the stage. Age is just a number, right? Really… I can’t believe this.

— Bang Chan

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Although Bang Chan is used to be the oldest in his group and has members born in the 2000s, it was definitely a shock to hear that idols were debuting at ages younger than before he debuted.

After the live broadcast, fans went on social media and shared their own thoughts about Bang Chan’s reactions to idols’ ages…

Although Bang Chan had a funny response, it contributes to the broader conversation of idols getting younger and younger when debuting. It seems shocking to think someone like Bang Chan, born in 1997, thinks of himself as old.

He isn’t the only idol who has spoken about this issue. In November, BTS‘s Jin shared his own opinions on the matter

I got in at 20 years old. But I think that kids these days do start too young.

— BTS’s Jin

It is a topic that has always been discussed. It is even more in the spotlight now as idols seem to be getting younger. You can read more about Jin’s opinions on idols debuting at a young age below.

BTS’s Jin Sparks Conversation By Saying That K-Pop Idols Are Debuting Too Young These Days

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