Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals Why Jungkook’s “Euphoria” Is So Meaningful To Him

According to him, listening to the song has a couple benefits.

In Stray KidsBang Chan‘s Chan’s Room, he plays some of his favorite songs that he recommends to fans.

During the latest episode, he chose one that held special meaning to him: BTS‘s Jungkook‘s song “Euphoria”. After jamming out to it and singing along, he explained what made it so amazing to him.

He started with one of the parts that had initially caught and held his attention: the lyrics that did more than sound lovely. Bang Chan mused, “First, the lyrics are just…so beautiful. I think it’s a song that really, really gives me strength.”

Even hearing the word “euphoria” was something that Bang Chan appreciated. It was a clever choice that was able to bring out the emotion of the song even more, “The word ‘euphoria’ is…whenever you listen to it…it makes you feel really [uplifted]. It’s a word that lifts you up.”

Out of all reasons he enjoyed the song, it was most meaningful to him because of how it had helped him. During those times when he was feeling down, “Euphoria” was able to both lift his spirits and recharge his strength.

And, the song…it gives you lots of energy when you listen to it. When I’m working, or if things don’t go the way I pictured, I’d listen to this song, and I feel very very good. It makes me feel so much better.

Listening to the song enabled him to center himself and continue working towards his goals. Since everyone has a moment where they need a little push to keep going and focus on the path ahead, that’s why Bang Chan wanted to share the meaningful song with fans.

When I get sidetracked, it helps me get back on track and focus on what I’ve been doing. This is that kind of song. That’s why I wanted to recommend it to STAY.

In the same way that STAYs are able to gain support from Stray Kids’, Bang Chan is able to do the same with Jungkook’s song. No wonder the song is such a favorite.

If you need a little boost, follow Bang Chan’s advice and play some “Euphoria” to get you back on track. See him explain how amazing the song is, starting fifty-seven minutes in.