Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals Who Sang The High Notes In “Voices”, And No One Saw It Coming

This member has been hiding their vocal skills.

On episode 37 of his live broadcast Chan’s Room, Stray KidsBang Chan revealed an interesting fact about the vocals for their song “Voices”.

In the middle of the chorus, one of the members sings high notes that take the song to another level. And, fans had their own thoughts about who the vocalist was. Over a year later, Bang Chan finally revealed who.

The owner of those beautiful high notes was none other than main dancer Lee Know. Bang Chan shared that Lee Know’s falsetto not only sounds pretty but it’s distinct.

And, that was part of the reason why his voice was chosen for the song. With how well he sang and the tone of his voice, Lee Know’s vocals were a perfect fit, helping to make “Voices” the masterpiece that it is.

STAYs hadn’t seen it coming either, with some thinking it had been Woojin‘s voice.

But, Stray Kids is said to have nine vocalists for a reason. It’s because every single one of them has their own strengths when it comes to vocal skills. Were you expecting the vocals to belong to Lee Know?

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