Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Got A Scar While Filming Even Though He Knew It Was Dangerous

Fans hope that more precautions will be taken in the future.

Among other things, Stray KidsBang Chan is known for his helpful advice and interesting anecdotes. One thing’s for sure; he’s always going to tell it like it is.

During episode 157 of “Chan’s Room,” one fan commented that the mole on Bang Chan’s arm looked cute.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan 

However, Bang Chan revealed that the mark on his forearm wasn’t a mole but rather a burn.

It turns out that Stray Kids filmed a concert video using flares.

The problem is that these flares are very hot and create fallout, a dangerous combination.

A bit of debris from someone else’s flare landed on Bang Chan’s arm during the filming.

And since he was wearing a sleeveless shirt, it went directly on his skin and left him with a burn.

It stung a little…

…but, since he was in the middle of filming, Bang Chan was distracted.

It wasn’t until they stopped filming that he was then able to brush off the fallen debris.

Helpful fans had many suggestions on how to deal with the burn. One STAY suggested ice, but since the burn happened over a month ago… it wouldn’t do much good.

Another fan suggested scar cream, which Bang Chan wasn’t sure would work.

Still, Bang Chan then said that it was okay, and he thinks scars are cool.

Unfortunately, Bang Chan noted that he had mentioned the dangers of using these types of flares before, presumably to staff, yet they still use them for filming.

Luckily for Bang Chan, he seems okay with the minor burn, even if it means he now has a small scar. Still, some fans are concerned about Stray Kids’ safety.

Fans recently noticed that fellow member Lee Know also has a burn but on his wrist.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know

Fans recently asked Lee Know about his wrist, but he said it was fine and just a slight burn. Though Lee Know didn’t mention how he got the burn, some fans presumed that he had gotten it from the same filming as Bang Chan.

Considering the timeline, it doesn’t seem likely, as Lee Know’s burn is not yet a scar but seemingly new. Fans have speculated that it could be from another filming or even cooking, which STAYs know Lee Know has a knack for.

Regardless of the origins of Bang Chan and Lee Know’s burns, fans can’t help but want their idols to be careful! Hopefully, staff will consider these concerns for future shoots. Though accidents happen, hopefully the boys will do their best to stay safe.

Source: VLIVE

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