Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Shocks The Other Members With How Muscular He Actually Is

Bang Chan: 💪 Stray Kids: 😳

Stray KidsBang Chan is super buff. Like, seriously, look at the material.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | Clio

Bang Chan even “addressed” rumors about himself getting a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) because of how muscular he is!

Recently, Bang Chan shocked the other members of Stray Kids when they were given data based proof of his fitness!

In the most recent SKZ CODE Episode, STAYs were treated to a long-awaited gym vlog! Under Changbin‘s lead, the group members worked out their muscles and learned about their bodies.

At the start of the video, the group all take their body measurements using a body composition machine. These machines give a person a summary of what their body is composed of using percentages to give an overall look at their body makeup.


While the test results are prepared, Changbin also measures each member’s biceps, with the other members all stunned by Bang Chan’s 15-inch or 38.1 cm thick arm!

After the results are completed, Changbin shares each member’s information, with some standouts, like I.N and his low body fat measurement…

…and Felix‘s impressive muscle mass.

When it was time to read Bang Chan’s, Changbin and the others were shocked before fully going through the results. Bang Chan’s body score is 86/100, and according to the InBody scale used to measure their bodies, this score is found in “very well-trained individuals” and indicates a “well-balanced body!

This is also seen in his total body fat percentage, indicating that he has a huge amount of muscle on his body!

Bang Chan’s impressive results are no surprise, given how hard he always works!

Check out the full clip below!

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