Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Explains Why K-Pop Is So Important To Them

It’s not all about the music for Stray Kids.

Stray Kids‘ Australian members Bang Chan and Felix were interviewed for the show Sunday Night to discuss their lives as K-Pop idols.


Naturally, they were asked for their thoughts on what made K-Pop so “captivating” and why it has been so successful.

As members of one group, they could only speak about their experiences and what it meant to them. Leader Bang Chan explained K-Pop as a gateway for Stray Kids to reach those who need support in different ways.

Through K-Pop we can reach out to people who might be having a hard time, who might feel lonely, who might feel a bit depressed.

Knowing that they can provide that support through their music means the world to them. It makes all their hard work worth it when fans say they’ve gained strength from them.

It’s not about listening to just their music either. Bang Chan expressed that K-Pop is essentially a friend that anyone can rely on, lean on, and gain strength from.

I want to personify it as just a friend. Where you can rely on your friend; you can lean on your friend; you can gain strength from your friend.

Stray Kids simply want to be there to support fans in whatever way they can: K-Pop is their method to accomplish that.

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