Stray Kids Bangchan Tears Up When Revealing Why Felix Is So Precious To Him

“Without Felix, I might have a hard time mentally.” – Bangchan

In [INTRO “IN生”] : The Reason, every member of Stray Kids took a moment to describe what another member meant to them. Bangchan was given his fellow Aussie Felix and became a bit emotional opening up about their bond.

Bangchan expressed that he was not only able to learn from his younger member, but Felix took on the role of caring for him as well. “I think I become a more honest person through Felix. I was able to learn a lot. He takes care of me a lot. He thinks of me a lot.

Felix was such a significant part of keeping him grounded that Bangchan admitted he would suffer without him by his side. The deep words brought unshed tears to his eyes, “Without Felix, I might have a hard time mentally. Whenever I have a hard time… Why am I getting teared up?

Out of the many reasons why Felix was precious to him, Bangchan revealed that he’d been the one who didn’t back down from speaking his mind.

It made Bangchan the most comfortable opening up to him, “Whenever I had hard times, among the people who were with me, he was the most honest with me, and I would be honest with him. The person who I can talk the most comfortably is Felix.

Since Bangchan moved away from his homeland of Australia over eight years ago, Felix also serves as a reminder of home and the comfort of family. “Felix is a very important person to me. Whenever I’m with Felix, I feel like I’m in Australia, and I feel like I’m at home, and I’m with my family.

If those words made Bangchan emotional saying them, hearing him was just as touching. Though the two may be the only Aussie members, their bond goes far deeper than that.

Prepare to tear up as well when seeing Bangchan’s emotional words on Felix, starting from 3:50.

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