Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Was Asked If He Thinks In English Or Korean, Here’s How He Answered

Bang Chan struggled with this question.

Stray KidsBang Chan is fluent in English and Korean, and in a recent live broadcast, he gave a hilarious answer when asked if he thinks in English or Korean!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Early in the broadcast, Bang Chan was asked how he learned English. Bang Chan moved from Korea to Australia at a young age, and he shared that he spoke Korean at home.

When he entered school, he started learning and speaking English more. After some time, Bang Chan got fluent in English.

A fan later asked Bang Chan if he thinks in English or Korean.

Bang Chan struggled with answering this question and said that it depends on the situation and that he often switches back and forth between English and Korean.

Bang Chan tried to answer the question more specifically, but he couldn’t think of a “better answer.”

It looks like even Bang Chan doesn’t know the answer to this question!

Source: Naver Live

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