Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Tugged On Lee Know’s Shirt, So He Did This

This is what really happens during rehearsal.

Stray Kids performed their powerful anthem “My Pace” as part of their rehearsal for Sky Festival.


And, a moment between Bang Chan and Lee Know was unexpected or totally unexpected depending on your viewpoint.

Bang Chan was giving backing vocals for Hyunjin‘s verse when he spotted Lee Know near him, which got him excited enough to run to catch up.

Once he did, he grabbed onto the loose strip of fabric hanging from Lee Know’s back and pulled it. Being the eclectic person he is, Lee Know had some fun by playing along.

As Bang Chan held the string, Lee Know began to gallop like a horse because no one can ever predict what he’ll do.

This is Stray Kids; that’s all the explanation that’s needed. See the funny moment between Bang Chan and his horse Lee Know here.

Stray Kids