Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And TXT’s Yeonjun Both Wore Corsets But Served Different Vibes

These looks are too good!

K-Pop fashion is constantly evolving and changing. As time passes, the line between what some would consider “gendered” looks becomes more blurred, and idols like TXT‘s Yeonjun and Stray KidsBang Chan have taken advantage of that.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @txt_members/Twitter
Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

From wearing crop tops…


…to rocking different style skirts, these two idols have tried out many different looks. Both have also worn corset looks!

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Yeonjun wore a corset on stage during a performance, along with a blue long-sleeved shirt.

This was also during his iconic pink hair era, creating quite a striking look.

Yeonjun also wore a corset for The Star Seekers Webtoon + Watpad series.

| Webtoons + Wattpad

With this look, Yeonjun was dressed in all white, looking like a prince. The sword certainly helped that image!

Bang Chan is known for his slim and sexy waist, often wearing things that emphasize his body shape, like waist chains.


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♬ Thunderous – Stray Kids

Bang Chan wore a corset for Stray Kids’ most recent Japanese release, “The Sound.

| JYP Entertainment

His music conductor-inspired look featured a long white coat, and black pants, while the corset had a beaded belt!

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Both these idols rocked the look, but do you have a version you prefer?

Same Fit, Different Vibes