Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has A Special Sweatshirt, Here Is What It Means

As if he couldn’t get nicer!

In his most recent live stream, Stray KidsBang Chan was seen wearing a particularly cute sweatshirt with the design of a dog on it. But cute as it is, the significance behind it is even better.

Bang Chan | Stray Kids/VLIVE

The sweatshirt is part of a collection by none other than 2PM‘s Jun. K, who is Bang Chan’s senior at JYP Entertainment. And as if it wasn’t enough that Bang Chan is supporting JUN. K, what makes this collection even more special is that it is part of a campaign to raise awareness for the protection of abandoned and abused animals.

All the proceeds from this collection are said to go to the Beagle Rescue Network, which is an organization that aims to save animals from animal testing and abusive conditions and to improve their living conditions. This means that Bang Chan is not only supportive of his colleagues and friends, but that he is also supportive of a very great cause too.

Perhaps this won’t be too surprising to fans, as Bang Chan has always been known to be a very kind and thoughtful person. But in any case, he has given fans yet another reason to be proud that they follow an idol who truly sets a good example as a role model. Thank you, Bang Chan, for leading the way with kindness!

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