Stray Kids Just Received A Special Shout Out From Bear Grylls

Stray Kids love Bear Grylls and it looks like the feeling is mutual:

Stray Kids just received a very special shoutout from one of their favorite celebrities and fans are now ready to officially welcome him to the fandom.


Stray Kids have been fans of Bear Grylls for a long time now and have even talked about watching his survival shows during livestreams with fans. Lee Know, in particular, is a big fan of Bear and even chose him as the person he would take if he was stranded on a desert island!


Even though Stays know Bear Grylls is one of Stray Kids’ favorite celebrities when they first heard their new hit song “Miroh” they weren’t expecting to hear a Bear Grylls reference! During one part of the song, Han directly mentions the survival expert!

Imma Bear Grylls anything that blocks my dream, I’m going to eat it up.

— Han


This surprise immediately captured fans hearts and they wanted to do a little something for Stray Kids. Stays began tagging Bear Grylls to alert him to the song…


And it worked! Bear Grylls actually saw all the tweets and listened to the song!


Stays have been freaking out that Bear Grylls actually did listen to the song and liked it and can hardly wait for Stray Kids to notice!

So it looks like Stray Kids fan is now their fan too! Listen to the iconic Bear Grylls line and more of Stray Kids’ latest hit in their “Miroh” MV below.