Stray Kids Rocking Buzz Cuts May Be The Next Sexy Look Everyone Needs

The other members were just as sexy 😍

Although fans love to chuckle at bald edits of their favorite idols, a Stray Kids fan put a twist on the trend with edits of the members sporting buzz cuts.

Funnily enough, the edits by TikTok user @keipap proved Stray Kids could actually pull off the look and make it sexy.


Naturally, the fan started with leader Bang Chan. Though he already looked mysterious and charismatic, he reached a whole new level with the newly cropped dark hair.

| @keipap/TikTok

While Hyunjin stunned many with his visuals because of his long blond hair, he turned out to be just as handsome without nearly any hair at all. In fact, the short cut emphasizes his sharp jawline.

| @keipap/TikTok

In the clip that gained the most views, Felix‘s lovely long blond hair was replaced with a stunning short cut that made his face look even more striking than before.

| @keipap/TikTok

In the latest clip of the buzz cut series, Lee Know‘s sexy vibe was taken over the top with the cropped cut and his dangerously charismatic facial expression.

| @keipap/TikTok

If any of the Stray Kids members end up cutting off all their hair for whatever reason, they’ll definitely look just as handsome. They could even pull off the sexy look for a future concept.

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