Stray Kids Came To Hyunjin’s Rescue With The Ultimate Show Of Support

He overcame his nerves thanks to Changbin.

Stray Kids always make it known that they support each other. They showed precisely that during ISAC, when Hyunjin was experiencing a tough moment.


While waiting to hear the results, he couldn’t seem to overcome how nervous he was.

It reached the point where Hyunjin clasped his hands together and crouched on the ground, avoiding eye contact with anyone or anything. Seeing him that way, Changbin couldn’t help but show him that he wasn’t alone.

Changbin crouched behind him and held his arms, letting Hyunjin know he was right by his side. His actions then started a chain reaction.

Felix and Lee Know joined in as well, latching onto Changbin, to shower their member with love.

To make it even longer, I.N and Seungmin rounded out the back-hug chain. The only one missing was leader Bang Chan, who would’ve joined them as well.

There’s nothing like having a group of people who will do what they can to help you through whatever you’re experiencing, good or bad. That’s what friends and groupmates are for.

Stray Kids