Stray Kids’ Changbin Shared A Romantic Moment With Bang Chan For A Thumbnail That Didn’t Happen

Just call Changbin the king of fan service.

Stray KidsChangbin didn’t hesitate to create a romantic moment with member Bang Chan for a video thumbnail… but it wasn’t used.

In Stray Kids’ recent SKZ CODE episodes “Stray Food Fighter,” parts 1 and 2, the group participated in a cooking challenge. Each member took turns cooking as their other teammates gave them directions. In the end, they ate the food in a mukbang-style setting while the other members told them what to do.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Felix, I.N, Changbin, and Seungmin (top row, left to right) Hyunjin, Bang Chan, and Han (bottom row) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

To initiate the chaos, Changbin first told Lee Know to play the popular Pepero game with Seungmin. The game, for those unfamiliar, has two people eat from each end of the Pepero stick as they get closer.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

While Lee Know seemed down to play, Seungmin quickly rejected the offer.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

When it was Hyunjin’s turn, Changbin tried to rope the younger member into his plan by making sure that one Pepero remained by the time it was his turn. His goal was that the pair could later play the game.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

So when it was finally Changbin’s turn, he excitedly called Hyunjin to play.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

But Han had a better idea. He suggested that Bang Chan play with Changbin instead, as they were eating at the same time. The other members were quickly on board. The obedient leader complied readily with their shenanigans.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Hyunjin added that this clickbait material moment would be the thumbnail for the video. It seemed to invigorate Changbin, as the others suggested how to best go about it.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Bang Chan and Changbin held it together… for the most part.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

And they finally got their thumbnail-worthy shot as the other members reacted from behind the scenes.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Unfortunately, the editors did not use the shot despite Changbin’s best efforts. Though the thumbnail that was chosen, featuring I.N, Changbin, and Felix, is still pretty cute.

Thumbnail used for “Stray Food Fighter #2” | Stray Kids/YouTube

It wasn’t the first time during the day that Changbin had tried to get the perfect thumbnail. During part 1 of “Stray Food Fighter,” Changbin tried to heat things up by asking Hyunjin to unbutton his shirt… for STAY, of course. You can read about it here!

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Exposed His Chest All Because Changbin Asked Him To

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