Stray Kids’ Changbin’s Determination To Win Brought Him To Tears

He may call himself “Baby Changbin,” but he isn’t weak.

If Stray KidsChangbin dedicates time to bulking up and exercising to keep his muscles in shape, there’s no denying that he can be extremely competitive as well.


On the eighth episode of Star Road, he showed just how far he was willing to go to win, even if he had to shed a few tears.

At the start of the video, Changbin won a staring contest against Hyunjin and Felix in no time at all. They couldn’t keep their eyes open long enough to compete with him. Since they needed to make it more of a challenge, they had to pull out the big guns.

It was time for their ace to step in. The one who won a medal at the Idol Star Athletics Championships for spacing out: Han. He boldly stated, “Do you want to compete against me?” That’s when Changbin’s competitive nature truly kicked in.

After some time of staring, Changbin began to show signs that he was feeling the ache of having his eyes open for so long. To manage the feeling, he moved his head around just a bit. Meanwhile, Han appeared totally unphased. Things then took a funny turn for Changbin.

As he continued to stare, tears started dripping from his eyes. It was so unexpected and funny that he couldn’t stop himself from cracking a smile. The rest of the members made jokes, even singing, “I sometimes cry.”

The tears were flowing so much that Changbin had to bow out of the competition. With a smile and a wave, he backed out. Han took the win in only thirty seconds.

Watch Changbin resort to crying just so he could push through for a win, starting thirty-nine seconds in. Although he didn’t win that round, he won in everyone’s hearts with his teary determination.

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