Stray Kids’ Changbin Faces His Fears And Fellow Members’ Antics In Latest “SKZ CODE”

He couldn’t catch a break!

After five months, a new SKZ CODE episode has been released on Stray Kids‘ official YouTube channel!

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In the episode, the members set out to relax and unwind by visiting the local amusement park, Lotte World. While they had a fun trip, some members found the outing more relaxing than others.

At the beginning of the video, viewers saw that Changbin’s day was already off to a rough start. While the members checked their stress levels, Changbin began to ask his phone’s smart assistant, Bixby, some questions.

What started as innocent fun turned into chaos for Changbin when Seungmin grabbed the phone. Seungmin shocked his fellow members when he told Bixby to reset Changbin’s phone.

Changbin quickly snatched his phone back, fearing that his phone was reset and his data was gone.

Luckily, the action required Changbin’s fingerprint to authorize, but Hyunjin continued the attempts to sabotage the phone by hilariously saying, “reset to factory settings.

While the thought of losing the stored data on your phone is scary, Changbin faced a more physical fear when the members arrived at Lotte World. They split into teams to ride a roller coaster when they got there. Bang ChanHanLee Know, and I.N formed the first team, “Hori Bang.” They went first, and the members seemed to have a good time.

The remaining members formed the team “Gomkki.” Hyunjin, Seungmin, and Changbin took their places in the roller coaster car while Felix stayed behind. Team Hori Bang made bets on how soon Changbin would scream. Han said he would scream after five seconds, but Changbin hysterically yelled out after only two seconds.

Although he was trying to act tough, it turns out that Changbin was not a fan of roller coasters.

The members weren’t very sympathetic to Changbin and poked fun at his sudden show of emotions. As soon as the ride was back, Hyunjin announced to the other team that Changbin was crying.

His streak of bad luck continued after the group left the ride. Each member was given a secret mission to carry out while at the amusement park. Changbin’s mission was to get someone to say, “I love you.” Changbin had been trying to get one of the members to say it subtly but had failed thus far.

He then thought of a genius plan to get fellow member Felix to say it. In Girls’ Generation‘s debut song, “Into the New World,” the beginning of the chorus translates to, “I love you the way you are right now.” The song is extremely well known, inspiring covers from fellow K-Pop artists and fans alike. It was the perfect plan to get Felix to say, “I love you.” Instead of singing along, Felix revealed he wasn’t sure he knew the lyrics.

By the end of the video, Changbin’s luck turned around when he finally got Felix to say “I love you” without suspicion, and Changbin could enjoy their outing.

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