Stray Kids Changbin’s Humor Is So Smooth You Might Just Miss It

He’s funny but subtle about it… mostly.

Stray KidsChangbin is incredibly witty, even if his jokes don’t always land. Still, STAYs will always be there to hype him up.

Stray Kids’ Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram

Changbin is a wordplay genius and often slips double meanings into his lyrics. But, his talent isn’t limited to songs. He also does it in everyday life.

Stray Kids recently did an interview with Cosmopolitan where they chose between two different fashion choices. One question asked them to pick either a beanie or a bandana.

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Han wittily said, “I like Changbinnie.” 

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When the group pressed Changbin about his choice of beanie, he answered, seemingly on the same wavelength as Han, “because I’m Binnie.” Fans still can’t over the cute association between Changbin’s nickname Binnie and beanie.

The group also picked between pastels and bright colors.

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube  

Instead, Changbin proudly answered, “pasta.” And added, “Aglio e olio.”

Later they asked the group to choose between spicy and sour. Seungmin picked sour. But when asked why, Changbin chimed in, “because he likes shower.”

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube  

Not all of the members were impressed by the clever rhyme.

It’s not the first time Changbin has slipped double meaning into his interviews. During Stray Kids’ interview with Seventeen, they were asked, “What is something you’ve never done together but want to?”

| Seventeen/YouTube 

Changbin decided that they should go skiing. His reasoning? Because Stray Kids are “SKZ.” SKZ is the abbreviation used for Stray Kids, so naturally, skiing was an appropriate answer.

Fans can’t get enough of Changbin’s quick wit. As one of the group’s rappers and lyricists, he can’t help but write raps, even when he’s not trying to!

YouTube comments | Cosmopolitan/YouTube

So even though his jokes sometimes get overlooked because Stray Kids is a group full of energetic personalities, fans will make sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

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