Stray Kids’ Changbin Jokes That Woojin’s Faulty Memory Is Thanks To His Old Age

From his grip on Changbin, Woojin didn’t agree.

Stray KidsChangbin reminded Woojin of the time they went to the desert together during a conversation for Two Kids Room.


Woojin didn’t quite remember it that way and asked Changbin if he was the one who went with him.

Changbin was taken aback. He explained that it had been him, Felix and Woojin who had gone to the desert in Australia.

How can you not remember that?

Since Woojin is older than him, Changbin jokingly blamed it on his age. To keep face, Woojin flexed his strength by gripping Changbin’s thigh and saying, “Thank you.”

I should understand why… You’re already 23.

In the end, the joke’s on Changbin because they’re only two years apart. See Changbin poke fun at Woojin’s “old” age at 3:37.

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