Stray Kids’ Changbin Loves His Members So Much He Gave Them Special Names In His Phone

Woojin couldn’t handle how soft Changbin is.

In the newest episode of Stray KidsTwo Kids Room, Changbin asked Woojin if he’d saved his name as something interesting in his phone.


After learning that he hadn’t, Changbin instead shared how he saved their names in his.

Changbin said he unified the members’ names in his phone by placing SKZ in front of them. To give examples, he told Woojin he was saved as “SKZ Woo❤️” and I.N as “SKZ I❤️.”

The same went for Lee Know “SKZ Lee❤️”, Han “SKZ Han❤️”, and Hyunjin “SKZ Hyun❤️.”

Woojin wondered why Changbin didn’t put their full names to make them easily recognizable. At first, Changbin said that he simply didn’t want to. He then revealed the real reason why.

He wanted to be the only one who knew who they were. The realization even made Woojin impressed by how much he cherished them.

I just wanted to be the only one who recognized who those are.

Changbin may look tough but is a soft person at heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel so protective over his members. See Changbin tell Woojin about it starting at 4.19.

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