Stray Kids’s Changbin May Be Just As Destructive As BTS’s RM

Clumsiness is contagious.

BTS‘s RM is known for being the master of destruction within his group. But, he may have a protege in Stray Kids‘s Changbin.

Changbin received a cake for his birthday. While holding it, he became distracted and accidentally dropped it.

His destruction doesn’t end there. One fan showed a montage of his clumsiness. At one point, Changbin knocked over an over-sized notepad and stand in one go.

Changbin is definitely on the right path, but he hasn’t reached RM’s level of destruction. It’s hard to reach the level of someone who accidentally ripped his own shirt off during a live performance.

Or, someone who ripped Jungkook‘s shirt open not once but twice.

Changbin is absolutely destructive, but he hasn’t yet reached RM’s level of destruction. Maybe that’s for the best. I think Stray Kids would prefer to keep their clothes on.