Stray Kids Changbin’s Muscles Are So Big That There’s One Thing He Can’t Do

Everyone couldn’t help laughing at the unexpected obstacle.

Stray KidsChangbin has such impressive muscles that it’s created a humorously unexpected obstacle.

Through Yongjin’s Health Center, Changbin ended up revealing the one thing he just couldn’t do because his muscles were too huge.


MC La Chica‘s Gabee tested their skills by presenting choreography on the spot for the members to try. Seungmin picked it up immediately, swiping along both his arms before ending in a heart pose. It then took a funny turn.

Changbin nailed the dance moves until he reached the final one. No one was safe from laughing as Changbin failed to close his arms enough to form a heart.

Changbin’s arm muscles were so big that he couldn’t press them together, no matter how many times he tried.

Changbin might be a talented producer, lyricist, and rapper, but can’t win against his own arms. They have a mind of their own.

Watch Changbin fight against his muscles to make a heart.

Stray Kids

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