Stray Kids’ Changbin Opens Up About His Past Fights With Bang Chan

“One of us usually cried.”

Between long days of training, being around each other every hour of every day, and the added stress of a survival show, the members of Stray Kids have been through quite a lot. That’s not even everything they’ve experienced, most likely not even half of it.

Understandably, there were times where they were more sensitive than others and wouldn’t always get along as well as they do now. Changbin opened up about those times with leader Bang Chan.

Thinking about Felix‘s relationship with Bang Chan, Changbin could see both sides of it: “He’s strict to him. But, he is affectionate to [Felix], more than anyone else.” It caused him to recall his own past with Bang Chan.

While Bang Chan had been tough on Felix, Changbin realized he hadn’t been as strict on him. “He never scolded me, but we had a lot of fights.”

Han couldn’t resist being funny, interjecting with a reason why he’d never experienced it, “You won’t let anyone scold you.” The remark had Hyunjin clapping his hands and laughing, Lee Know soon joining in.

Changbin continued his train of thought, getting the conversation back on track. While fighting isn’t typically viewed positively, especially on more than one occasion, it ended up bringing them closer together. “We had a lot of fights, and we cried a lot. That’s why we had such strong bonds.”

Lee Know latched onto the fact that Changbin and Bang Chan had “fought together and cried,” asking for him to elaborate on it. That’s when Changbin revealed that their fights usually ended with one of them crying.

Fortunately, both of them were able to work through the pain and frustration. It never stopped them from communicating and opening up to each other. “We talked a lot. With Chan, I talked a lot.”

Knowing they spend a lot of time together with Han to make all of Stray Kids’ music as 3RACHA and seeing how close they are, who would’ve thought they had used to have such emotional fights?

See Changbin reveal how those past fights forged a close bond between them, starting from 2:20.

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