Stray Kids’ Changbin Promotes Their Seniors GOT7 At A Convenience Store

GOT7 would’ve appreciated how funny it turned out.

Stray KidsChangbin channeled his inner YouTuber when grabbing a camera to film their mini journey to bring back snacks.


In the first-ever clip for Changbin TV, rather than promoting his group, he set his sights on their seniors GOT7.

As soon as they entered the convenience store, Changbin was fully ready to turn on the humor.

While glancing at the shelves, he noticed something and announced they were selling GOT7’s music there, one song in particular.

Oh, they’re selling GOT7’s song in the convenience store.

Upon hearing this, Han became excited and walked up beside him, wanting to see it for himself. That’s when Changbin reached onto the shelf, holding up a pack of gum. “Eclipse,” he said. Han and Seungmin couldn’t help but laugh.

Changbin had wittily used the brand name to refer to GOT7’s song “Eclipse”. If they had been there, they would’ve laughed just as hard at the play on words.

Watch Changbin wittily promote their seniors along with the music video that gave him the idea.