Stray Kids Changbin Reveals When Bang Chan Is His Sexiest

Bang Chan hadn’t been ready for the confession.

To promote their latest title track “Back Door”, Stray Kids appeared on Weekly Idol to bring their signature chaotic energy. During a game created specifically for them, Changbin ended up revealing when he found Bangchan to be his sexiest.

When attempting to describe the two different sides of their leader, Changbin summed it up best.

Although Bang Chan showers his members with all the care they deserve, he couldn’t let them slide when it came to working. “When we go to eat, he asks us what we want and takes care of it. But when it comes to directing, recording, or anything about work, he becomes cold.

Hearing that, host Kwanghee asked a question that many people would think of: “Changbin, does it upset you when he does that?” Changbin didn’t mind it one bit and thought of it positively, “It doesn’t. I think he’s firm.

In fact, Changbin thought that side of their leader was particularly attractive, “I find it cool and sexy.” Cracking an embarrassed smile, Bang Chan was surprised upon hearing the compliment. Changbin wasn’t wrong.

In the teaser for their track “Road Not Taken”, from their mini-album Clé 2: Yellow Wood, all Bang Chan did was show off his musical chops and look sexy doing it.

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See Changbin flip Bang Chan’s cold side into his sexiest side.

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