Stray Kids’ Changbin Is So Buff There’s A Simple Action He Can’t Do Anymore

What a cute problem to have!

STAYs are well aware of how buff Stray KidsChangbin is and how hard he works to maintain his amazing physique.

Stray Kids’ Changbin

Changbin spends a lot of time in the gym, most often with workout buddy Bang Chan. The two often send fans into tizzies with gym updates and selfies.

Changbin (left) and Bang Chan (right).



Changbin is so dedicated to becoming bigger and buffer, he even had a different workout routine during Stray Kids most recent gym vlog shared while they were on the US leg of their MANIC world tour.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Changbin even gave names to his pectoral muscles during his birthday live earlier this year, naming the left side “jut” and the right side “dae“, a play on his nickname “jutdae.

While Changbin reaching his own personal fitness goals is a great thing for him (and fans), there seems to be one thing that he can’t do anymore because of “jut” and “dae”.

Changbin’s impressive chest prevents him from making over-the-chest hearts!

When Changbin guest hosted Weekly Idol, BLITZERS‘ Chris claimed that he was too buff to be able to touch his elbows together over his chest. Changbin one-up-ed him by showing how he can’t make the arm heart anymore and seemed a bit adorably sulky about the fact!

While his arm hearts might not be perfect anymore, fans appreciate the love Changbin send them anyways!

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