The Stray Kids Member Who Best Suits The Stage, According To Changbin

Changbin tries to learn from this member’s example.

Stray Kids is full of incredibly talented performers.

Whether it’s leader Bang Chan‘s incredible power…

Lee Know‘s fierce intensity…

Changbin‘s embodiment of every song…

Hyunjin‘s captivating facial expressions…

Han‘s explosive energy…

Felix‘s incredible charisma…

Seungmin‘s obvious enjoyment of every stage…

Or I.N‘s incredible duality…

Stray Kids are never lacking when it comes to putting on explosive performances that fans want to keep rewatching.

And in a recent episode of Stray Kids’ current YouTube series, “2 Kids Room,” Changbin chose the member he thinks “thrives the most on stage.”

Personally, I think the member who thrives the most on stage with his expressions and movements is Han. I think it’s Han.


Changbin | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Changbin explains that given Stray Kids’ constant changes in genres and concepts, it’s essential for them to be versatile performers, which he thinks Han is excellent at.

Personally, when I look at our performances, [Han] can take on a variety of things.


Han and Changbin | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Changbin explains that he’s even jealous of Han’s ability to create the perfect facial expressions.

Having a variety of facial expressions, I’m jealous of all that.


| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And he actively tries to learn from Han’s example to improve his own performance on stage.

Everyone has their own style when it comes to performing, but since we’re idols and do a variety of concepts, I think there are a lot of things that I take cue from [Han] while monitoring those performances.


| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And aside from simply facial expressions, Changbin expresses that he also wishes he had Han’s ability to improvise cool gestures to use during their performances.

You do these little gestures that fit the lyrics really well but you do those on the spot. You don’t plan them out, right? That’s freestyle. Things like gestures. I used to do them well before.


| Stray Kids/YouTube 

But while Han admits that he’s good at improvising movements, he believes that Changbin is actually best suited for the confident style he currently uses.

Those light gestures look good on me because I’m skinny, but you look much better holding your ground.


| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Still, Changbin wants to continue to learn from Han’s example to keep improving.

Really? But still, I need to be able to do what you do sometimes.


| Stray Kids/YouTube 

You can watch one of Han’s recent fancams for “MANIAC” here.

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