Stray Kids Changbin Stuns With His Ethereal Glitter Hair

It took his visuals to a whole new level.

The 2020 KBS Song Festival, or KBS Gayo Daechukje, was full of looks that took viewers’ breath away with their beauty.

Stray KidsChangbin was among those who looked next-level with his glitter hair that took over the internet.

During the performance for Bang Chan and Changbin’s rap stage for “Mischief”, the latter took the spotlight for his heavy-hitting rap skills. Since many wanted to find out who he was, he became a trending topic for his stunning glitter hair.

He reportedly gained the title “Hardcore Rapping Glitter Boy” in Korean searches to fans’ amusement.

| KBSkpop/YouTube

Changbin didn’t limit himself to showing just his charismatic side during the festival. He tapped into his softer side during their interview for the stage, the glitter in his hair only enhancing his adorable look.

| KBSWorld/YouTube

Combined with the blue contacts he wore, Changbin left fans breathless from how ethereal the glitter made him look.

| KBSkpop/YouTube

Even in photos from the group leaving the venue, the glitter shined as bright as ever.

Who knew that “Hardcore Rapping Glitter Boy” Changbin was the glorious side of him everyone needed to see?

| KBSWorld/YouTube

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