Stray Kids’ Changbin Did A Sweet Thing For His Mom, And Fans Were Touched

He’s a sweetie.

Stray KidsChangbin recently impressed fans with how sweet he treats his mom. This is what he did to earn their respect.

Stray Kids’ Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram

In a recent SKZ Vlog, Changbin showed STAYs how he spent time with his family. They ate a delicious dinner together.

Changbin’s parents tried to teach him how to properly cut fruit. He struggled a little.

They were attentive and ready to help him if he needed them to.

They also visited the beach, which Changbin was excited about.

The cutest moment for fans though, was when Changbin sweetly danced with his mom on the frozen stream. It was a touching moment.

Changbin even acted like a sled for his mom, playfully pulling her on the ice.

Unfortunately, Changbin’s mom was unable to return the favor, as she couldn’t pull him very far.

Fans loved how sweet these moments were.

They used this moment as an example as to why they think so highly of Changbin.

Changbin has a good relationship with his parents and sister, and he is constantly saying and doing sweet things.

Fans point out that these actions aren’t limited to this particular vlog, and he is always like this.

He really does love his family.

You can check out the full video here!

Source: YouTube

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