Stray Kids Covers TWICE’s “Fancy” And It’s Everything You Never Knew You Needed

They did their sunbaes proud.

For a special airing of KBS‘s Music Bank, Stray Kids covered TWICE‘s “Fancy”. And, they completely did their sunbaes justice right from the very beginning.

They started off by nailing all of the hand movements along with those smooth body waves.

Lee Know and Han came through with powerful vocals and cute gestures to steal hearts.

Woojin slaying the chorus with his dancing and vocals. Who ever said Woojin’s dancing stuck out in a bad way? He was definitely the star here.

Of course, leader Bang Chan lead the choruses with everything he had.

Stray Kids simply nailed it.

Although it wasn’t 100% synchronized, the vocals, dance, and energy were all there. And, that’s all that really matters for a cover. Check it out here for the full effect.