Stray Kids’ Felix Proves He Has The Warmest Heart By Expressing His Love For Making Others Smile

He always makes STAYs smile!

Stray KidsFelix recently participated in a charismatic pictorial and intriguing interview with GQ Korea that showed off just how big of a sweetheart he is!

During his interview, Felix’s warm-hearted personality was mentioned. Throughout his career, Felix has done many kind acts such as take care of his members, bake for people, buy people presents, and more! Felix responded that he merely loves to people happy!

I’m happy when the people around me are happy. Whenever I see other people smile, I feel happy and I smile unknowingly.

— Felix

Felix shared even more touching words as he explained he hopes he can always continue to be a source of happiness in people’s lives.

As time goes by, I hope that I won’t lose my desire to bring happiness to people.


When someone is always looking out for others, it’s easy for them to remember to take care of themselves as well. Luckily, Felix has a good method to make sure he gets the self-care he needs.

I listen to calming music… or look up a movie with a good storyline to watch. But I try not to spend too much time alone or stay tucked in too long. I try to find things to do outside. These days, I bike a lot. I like riding it where I can be among the trees. I feel a lot better when I’m pedaling, while listening to music and taking in all the greenery

— Felix

Source: @LuvForYou915

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