Stray Kids’ Felix Fanboys Over TWICE While Talking K-Pop Light Sticks

He even revealed a special memory.

As the host of Pops In Seoul, Stray KidsFelix covers a variety of topics weekly. This week, it was the evolution of K-Pop light sticks.


And, he couldn’t hide his love for fellow JYP Entertainment group TWICE.

As soon as he picked up the TWICE light stick, Felix visibly brightened to show the biggest smile while stating his love for TWICE. And, he was so happy that he shared a memory about their light stick.

TWICE is my favorite.

He revealed that he’d been “very happy” to receive the light stick when he went to his first TWICE concert. And, he pointed out the new light stick was slightly different than the one he’d had.

Before he could got carried away though, he got back on track. But, it shows that idols have special memories about their favorite idol groups as well. Watch Felix briefly turn into a TWICE fanboy here.