Fans Show Appreciation For Everything Stray Kids’ Felix Has To Offer

He’s a sweetheart that deserves all the love.

Stray KidsFelix is a lovely person with many charming qualities. He cares about the people around him, and fans love him just as much as he loves them.

Stray Kids’ Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids recent concerts in Seoul for their “MANIAC” tour left fans appreciating all of the members for their sweet words, talent, and charming qualities. When it comes to Felix, fans love the whole package.

For one, he’s an excellent dancer.

He nails both sharp choreography and sultry smooth movements.

Fans even love his insecurities.

In the past Felix has expressed that his freckles have been a point of insecurity throughout his life, however his fans have helped him overcome that issue.

STAY have been really supportive about my freckles, especially. It gives me confidence, and I’m proud to say that my freckles are one of my charming qualities.

— Felix

Fans regularly show appreciation for his freckles.

During the most recent concert fans were astonished by his beautiful freckles on display.

In addition to his charming freckles, Felix also exhibited his impressive abs. During one section of Stray Kids’ new performance choreography for b-side “Charmer,” Felix is one of the members who lifts his shirt.

Fans were definitely grateful for the move.

| @lfy0915/Twitter

But, of course that’s not the most important thing. Most importantly, fans want Felix to be able to express himself as the lovely person he is.

During their recent promotions for ODDINARY, the group was asked if the term “maniac” (a person who is characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something) is a badge they would be comfortable wearing. According to Felix, it has to do with how unique they are.

We’re comfortable up to the extent that we admit ourselves that we are somewhat unique and extra. We relate to our fans with our crazy and oddinary sides of ourselves. It makes us feel comfortable.

— Felix

And because he’s comfortable, Felix often shows his emotional side to fans which also proves how much he cares about them.

And while fans love the vulnerability Felix displays, they’re also glad he has such good teammates to rely on.

Stray Kids’ Changbin and Felix | @loudlikeloveflx/Twitter

From a rookie who worked very hard to earn his spot in Stray Kids, to an integral member of the team, Felix has only proven that he belongs on stage.

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