Stray Kids Felix’s Way Of Showing Love To His Members Is Lovable And Hilariously Painful

Lee Know spilled the tea on the unusual yet loving habit.

Among the Stray Kids members, Felix is one of the most affectionate and proved it with his lovable yet unique way of showing it.

Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

When Lee Know and Felix sat down for their Tingle Interview, they shared some habits only they knew about each other. Lee Know stated how much Felix liked “physical contact” but not just any type.

Lee Know revealed how Felix sneaks in for a literal bite of affection.

He just comes up from behind and bites if you’re standing still. I’m not sure why, but he really likes physical contact.

— Lee Know

He even imitated how Felix goes in for a hug, followed by a hearty bite. Lee Know also shared Felix’s other method, “He comes and massages my shoulders like this.

Felix isn’t the only one who receives love from the unique habit, though. Lee Know admitted, “When Felix does that while I’m tired, it hurts but feels good!

Although it’s a habit that seems unreal, Felix biting Lee Know’s leg is a hilarious sight.

Felix biting Lee Know’s leg. | @realstraykids/Instagram

While others have the urge to bite someone when they’re being too cute, Felix actually does it. Who wouldn’t want someone who cares about them so much by their side?

Check out Lee Know talking about Felix’s lovable and hilariously painful habit here.

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