Stray Kids’ Felix Hilariously Worried Fans With Cryptic Tweets

It’s not what you think it is!

Stray KidsFelix played with fans’ emotions by trolling them with cryptic tweets!

It all started when Felix greeted fans on Twitter with a neutral face emoji, signaling that something was definitely wrong.

He then proceeded to drop a huge bombshell.

To say that fans were shocked and worried would be an understatement. As it turns out, Felix was actually just referring to the Stray Kids World Tour concert in the USA.

Fans soon shared their reactions to Felix’ tweets, detailing how he made their emotions go up and down. Although he played with their feelings, they were actually quite proud of his witty idea.

Others couldn’t believe how abruptly Felix ended his series of tweets and demanded that he further explain himself.

In spite of everything, Felix owned the day by winning hearts with his cuteness and sense of humor.

In related news, Stray Kids’ will be holding their “District 9: Unlock” concert in the USA at the end of January.

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