Stray Kids’ Felix Shows His Kind Heart Through Three Specific Items He Carries Around

His backup phone is more meaningful than his normal one!

Stray KidsFelix recently did a solo shoot with SINGLES Magazine.

And the idol’s ethereal visuals left fans stunned.

Stray Kids’ Felix for SINGLES Magazine | @singlesmagazine/Instagram

He perfectly suited every outfit the stylists gave him.

| @singlesmagazine/Instagram

As Felix stared deep into the camera and the souls of his fans.

| @singlesmagazine/Instagram

The stylists certainly knew what they were doing for this shoot.

| @singlesmagazine/Instagram

And his fans were definitely grateful.

But aside from his killer visuals, Felix also sat down with SINGLES Magazine to do a typical “what’s in my bag” video.

In the video, he shared a wide range of the items he carries around daily, like a charger, to make sure he can keep up his phone’s battery regardless of how long his schedules are.

But three of the items Felix showed fans truly gave insight into how incredible of a person the idol is.

The first meaningful item he shared was actually his second phone.

Stray Kids’ Felix | SINGLES KOREA/YouTube 

Felix explained that he recently replaced his phone, so he’s currently carrying around his old one as a backup. But, to the idol, the phone case of his second phone is more meaningful than the phone itself.

Felix proudly showed off the red phone case, explaining that when he donated to Save the Children, he received the phone case.


And that while he wishes he could always use it, it doesn’t fit his latest phone, which is partly why he keeps his old one around.


Save the Children (also known as The Save the Children Fund) uses donations to help improve the lives of children globally by providing them access to education and health care. The organization also provides emergency aid.

By donating to this charity, Felix is showcasing that he is willing to take actual steps to improve the state of the world for future generations.


And two more items in his bag proved Felix’s attentiveness to the state of the world.

He showed both his toothpaste and mouthwash, both of which he gets from SODOWE, a Korean brand specializing in vegan products.


Felix explains that the toothpaste both has vegan ingredients and is not tested on animals.


And because it feels healthy and also tastes good, he uses it.


He elaborates further on the mouthwash, saying that because it’s vegan, it’s intended to help protect the environment.


This is why he switched to using vegan products to help live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Felix proves his concern about others and the environment in even such small choices as his toothpaste. He is genuinely a kind role model that fans are lucky to have.


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