Stray Kids’ Felix And Lee Know Weren’t Ready For Changbin’s “Backflip”

Felix wasn’t the only one amused by Changbin’s funny version of a backflip.

Instead of Stray KidsChangbin sipping his drink and relaxing in the pool, he ended up amusing Lee Know and Felix with an unplanned yet hilarious version of a backflip.

Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram

While the three of them kept their balance on their pool floats, Changbin attempted to make the moment even better by having a sip of his drink floating beside him. The simple act turned into one of the funniest moments on SKZ Song Camp.

He seemed to reach out a bit too far for his drink. Changbin lost his balance and hold on his flamingo pool float, falling right into the pool with a loud shout.

It was so sudden and unexpected that Felix’s jaw dropped to the floor while Lee Know burst into laughter.

Making sure Changbin’s fall was used for good, Felix helped him out by saying, “You just did a backflip.

After Felix was the next member to fall into the pool, Changbin learned his lesson and opted for a watermelon pool float to keep him as dry as he could be.

Still, the funny moment had fans relating to it and watching it repeatedly to brighten their day. Without even trying, Changbin can charm everyone with his charms.

Check out Changbin’s natural cuteness and humor that left his members and fans loving “Baby Changbin.”

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