Stray Kids’ Felix Is The Luckiest Member And Even He Couldn’t Believe It

Clearly Bang Chan couldn’t either.

During an interview with ET Live, Stray Kids had to choose which member was the best at rock, paper, scissors.


Woojin was the first to shout, “Felix. Felix.” Bang Chan was surprised at his choice and asked why. Felix simply said, “Why are you picking me?”

To test their pick, Changbin was the first to battle Felix. He quickly lost. Then, Hyunjin stepped up next only to lose as well. Woojin claimed Felix had a special trick to winning but Felix said it was only luck.

Changbin was quick to respond with, “We have no luck?” Felix refused and claimed he didn’t even know how to play. But, he played another round with Hyunjin and won for the third time in a row and everyone was speechless.

It looks like Woojin knows the members more than they know themselves. See Felix tap into his luck here.

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