Stray Kids’ Felix And His Manager Are So Close You’ll Fall In Love With Their Friendship

Just look at the way Felix clings to him.

Stray Kids added a new manager to their team that stole fans’ hearts with his good looks, but there’s one who has stolen Felix‘s heart for another reason.


This manager has always been by his side, and Felix is never far from his.

Their manager does their best to take care of the group, so Felix can be found doing little things to keep him in positive spirits. Like playing around with his watch.

Or, keeping him company and playfully bumping into him while standing beside him.

And, Felix loves to show his appreciation for him with a hug.

Image credit: @Felixophy

Sometimes though, he just likes to be close to him and hold onto him.

Best of all, just look at their happy smiles while they hug each other. They have a special bond that no one can take from them, and it’s beautiful.

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