Netizens React With Amused Exhaustion To Stray Kids Felix’s Ambitious Dating Schedule

“Whatever you say Yongbok, I’d be staring at you most of the time anyway loool.”

Most K-Pop fans have likely imagined what it might be like to date their favorite idol at some point. It’s an easy thing to daydream about, since there are so many talented, loveable, and gorgeous idols!

Felix (Stray Kids)

Some K-Pop idols even play into the “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” act more than others by flirting or getting playful with their fans. And recently, the ruminations of what Stray Kids‘ Felix would want to do on a date with one of their fans has resurfaced online.

Taken from a livestream for his birthday back in September 2021, a screenshot was shared on an online forum that lists all the activities Felix would like to do on a day-long date. And needless to say, it’s a very long and exhausting-sounding list!

“Yongbokie and Stay’s date course”

1. Eat breakfast (Korean dish)
2. Take a walk
3. Go to a pet cafe (need to pet them)
4. Ride a bike at the park (while talking and taking pictures)
5. Watch a movie
6. Go shopping
7. Eat a good dinner (expensive meat, spaghetti, Korean food)
8. Shopping again
9. Go to a park or a cafe to have deep conversations

Of course, it sounds like a lot of fun too, but the author of the post stated that it would be hard to date an idol just because a normal person doesn’t have the stamina that they do.

Netizens left a lot of amused comments on the post, amazed by Felix’s ambitious date schedule. Some shared that he must be planning so much in one day since he has such a busy life as an idol, while others just found him adorable.

You can watch the clip where Felix talks about his date ideas at around 50:30 in this video!

Would you be up for a day-long date with this cutie?

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa

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