Stray Kids’ Felix Prepared Such A Heartfelt Event That Seungmin Nearly Cried

Felix wanted to do something special for Seungmin’s birthday.

Since Stray KidsFelix had such a tough time adjusting to Korea when he first arrived from Australia, the relationships he has with his fellow members are extremely important to him.


To show how much they mean to him, he loves to surprise them by preparing special events. In particular, one Felix prepared for Seungmin nearly left him in tears. In Felix’s episode of One Kid’s Room, Seungmin told the precious memory for the first time.

On his birthday, Seungmin had returned to their dorm. As soon as he got there, Felix told him he needed help carrying something he’d received from his mother. It didn’t need immediate attention, so Felix said, “Wash up and come down when I call you.” When he got the call, Seungmin went downstairs.

Feeling the vibe of what could’ve been happening, Lee Know grew suspicious and asked if it had been a candlelight event. With a smile, Seungmin confirmed it to be true. Lee Know nearly jumped out of his seat, “Seriously?” I.N, Hyunjin, and Han were just as surprised.

When Seungmin had come down, Felix had personally written a sign that read “Seungmin Puppy, Happy Birthday.” To make the moment even sweeter, Felix had prepared a cake as well. Even though they hadn’t been there, they all agreed it was as thoughtful as it was amazing.

Seeing how Felix had gone through all the trouble of preparing a whole event for him, Seungmin was so touched that he nearly burst into tears. Since they were celebrating a happy event, he fought to hold the tears back.

Felix’s event had touched Seungmin so deeply that he’s remembered it until this day and won’t ever be able to forget it. Those are the most meaningful moments in life.

Felix definitely knows how to reach someone’s heart. Listen to Seungmin’s recollection of the touching moment that he’ll remember forever.

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