The Hilarious Way Stray Kids’ Felix Proves How Consistent He Is

There’s something satisfying about it.

Stray KidsFelix continues to show his bright and charming personality even with something as straightforward as a dance relay.

Stray Kids’ Felix | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids have recently released a dance relay for their new song “MANIAC.” A clip from the video is making rounds that shows Felix sneakily crossing the screen.

| M2/YouTube

Fans found the clip somewhat familiar and realized that he had previously done the same exact thing!

| M2/YouTube

In both of the relay dances that Stray Kids did for “Back Door,” Felix crosses in front of the video to mouth his, “Hey, you wanna come in?” line.

| M2/YouTube

This hilarious clip shows the videos side by side, making the similarities that much more obvious. Felix’s pose while walking is nearly identical in each video.

Though he crosses the screen to mouth his part of the song, fans note that regardless, it’s totally a Felix thing to do. The fact that he does it more than once proves he’s consistent for sure!

While Felix is a super talented dancer and knows when to be serious, he chooses the best moments to show his comedic side.

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