Stray Kids’ Felix Reveals How His Family Members Feel About His Intense Stage Looks

He’s gone through quite the transformation.

Many watched Stray Kids absolutely kill it and take first place on the competition reality show Kingdom! Throughout the show, the group showed off new skills and also new looks!

In his latest interview with GQ Korea, Stray Kids’ Felix discussed the team’s growth and his memorable looks on the show.

With the team constantly working together on the show, Felix shared that the group members definitely grew closer and stronger.

Even though it first, it was vague, I felt lucky to be with my members, and I experienced so many emotions. I think Stray Kids has grown a lot as a team and as artists. Personally, it was a meaningful experience.

— Felix

Felix went further into detail and explained how the members grew closer than they were before.

Each time we prepared a stage, we encouraged one another and ran together. It was energetic all the way to the end.

— Felix

As for his personal moments on the show, Felix commented that he felt obtained a powerful new character when he first stepped on stage.

At the first meeting on ‘Kingdom,’ I went on stage with black hair. From then on, I think I gained a strong and new character.

— Felix

While it’s known that STAYs loved him in every concept, Felix was asked about how his family members reacted. Felix responded that his mom is a fan of his mature transformations!

My mom says she’s a fan. I’m quite different now, compared to what I looked like when I was young in Australia.

— Felix

Felix continued and expressed that since leaving his family to chase his dreams, he has gone through quite the transformation.

I lost a lot of the baby fat and I wear a lot of fancy makeup now too. I did try to grow up and act a bit more mature though, even before I flew into Korea to start my traineeship. Back then, I used to be super silly and playful.

— Felix

Source: GQ Korea and @LuvForYou915

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