Stray Kids’ Felix Reveals The Secret To His Healthy Hair Despite Constantly Changing Hair Colors

Just one step makes all the difference for healthy hair.

Idols often change their hair colors when changing concepts. Stray KidsFelix is one of them but somehow manages to maintain healthy hair in spite of the constant changes.


From this fiery auburn color from their “My Pace” era,

to the pale, yellow blond of “Side Effects”,

and now this pastel purple in preparation for their upcoming comeback.

Although Felix experiences more changes than most with his hair color, it has remained unscathed.

My hair is not as damaged as people might think.

When Hyunjin touched Felix’s hair during one of their live broadcasts, he was surprised that it felt so healthy.

That’s when Felix shared the ultimate secret to his healthy hair: “a lot of hair essence.”

Neglecting your hair can be relatively easy, especially when it’s continuously chemically processed like Felix’s. Taking that extra precaution of consistently using a hair treatment to keep it healthy makes all the difference. Listen to Felix discuss his hair at 18:29.


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