Stray Kids’ Felix Reveals What He Believes His Unique Charm Is On Stage And It’s Not His Deep Voice

He has endless hidden charms!

Stray KidsFelix is an amazing performer for many reasons! Despite performing countless times, Felix is always keeping things fresh and surprising us with his hidden weapons!

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One thing that STAYs never get tired of is his deep and rich tone. Because of his soft visuals, fans always are thrown off when he opens his mouth and a deep voice comes out. Since it’s unexpected, many would consider that as Felix’s hidden gem.

GQ Korea

While his deep voice is one of his biggest charms, Felix shared in his interview with GQ Korea that he also finds his facial expressions to be a secret weapon!

Q: What else is unique to you that only you can offer to your fans—in addition to your voice?

Well, being expressive is important on stage. And I think expressiveness includes facial expressions and visual aesthetics too. Since debut, we as a group have been leaning more toward the charismatic concept.

— Felix

GQ Korea

Furthermore, Felix shared that the positive feedback from STAYs about his “Attractive mask.”

So I’ve been paying extra attention to the expressive details. And fans have complimented that I have a unique, almost mysterious face and vibe — which encouraged me to try expressing myself in various ways on stage.

— Felix

| GQ Korea
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