Stray Kids’ Felix Was Shook After Learning The True Meaning Of His Iconic “God’s Menu” Line

Bang Chan had no clue Felix didn’t know 😂

Stray KidsFelix and Bang Chan appeared on Eric Nam‘s Daebak Show and caused laughter when Felix learned the true meaning of his iconic line from “Gods’ Menu”.

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To play on “God’s Menu”, Eric Nam introduced a segment called Daebak Restuarant and jokingly said it had nineteen Michelin stars. While Bang Chan wondered why they didn’t increase it to twenty, Felix said, “I thought five was the max.

Felix was in for a humorous surprise when Bang Chan and Eric Nam corrected him on three being the highest amount of Michelin stars possible.

Bang Chan: You thought it was five?

Felix: Like, five Michelin…

Eric Nam: No, three’s the max.

Bang Chan: It’s three.

Felix: Oh, it’s three!

Bang Chan and Eric Nam burst into laughter, with Felix being so embarrassed that he hid behind a pillow. It was funnier for Bang Chan because Felix was the one who rapped the iconic line, “Cookin’ like a chef, I’m a five-star Michelin.

Ironically, that line was the reason Felix had believed it. As Bang Chan laughed, Felix admitted, “That’s why I thought it was five! This whole time.” Now Eric Nam was even more curious and asked, “Who wrote that lyric?

While some thought it was Felix, Bang Chan revealed it was Han. Bang Chan answered, “Han wrote it, and let’s say it was deliberate. It’s not like we didn’t know…

Rather than being a mere high-ranking chef, Han’s lyric instead meant that he far exceeded the highest ranking with god-like skills.

Check out Felix’s funny reaction to learning all about Michelin stars from Bang Chan and Eric Nam here.

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